Vicki Tuck

Vicki Tuck

“Once you get the hang of Cashbook Platinum, the data it produces and the understanding of your business you get from the software is quite exciting.

“We are able to use two different budgets and incorporate them into our monthly Business Position Statement (BPS) as well as keep an eye on our cash flow. As our business has grown, Cashbook Platinum has enabled us to keep a better handle of what’s going on. Because of all the data in the software and the reports we can get from it, we are able to keep everyone involved up-to-date with a good understanding of what is happening in our business.

“The information you can get out of the program is the exciting part. Sure it’s great to save some time, but to have a better understanding of your business – that to me is absolutely priceless.

“I find Practical Systems a very good business to work with. Often there is something you’d like added to the software and they listen and try to integrate it into their software.

“As our business has grown our cashflow is tighter and Cashbook Platinum allows us to a better handle and understanding of that. Using Cashbook Platinum allows us to understand the impact of our decisions on our KPIs and to easily see our areas of weakness and of strength.

“It is the understanding of our business that Cashbook Platinum provides that is really helpful. By doing our BPS report each month at the same time as our marketing we can really reflect on what is happening in our business. Since taking on Cashbook Platinum, we’ve been much more systematic, it really helps you to understand every aspect of your business. 

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