Jason & Kylie Catts

Jason & Kylie Catts

By using animal management software, Futurity Shorthorns can now easily make the right decisions for their business.

Futurity Shorthorns is a seed stock business owned and operated by Jason and Kylie Catts at Baradine in North Western NSW. The Futurity animals are bred to be versatile and adaptable to all markets and seasonal conditions. All animals are herd recorded and have their performance analysed by Practical Systems individual animal management software, PS Stockbook. Jason and Kylie discovered Practical Systems after asking other breeders what recording systems they used.

“We chose Practical Systems because of the positive feedback from other breeders and the need to have a herd recording system that was efficient, easy to use and economical,” Kylie said.

According to Jason, PS Stockbook is easy to use, time efficient and provides all the recording and reporting needed at Futurity Shorthorns.

“Using PS Stockbook has helped to make informed decisions when managing animals and it is an advantage to be able to have a printed report on animals’ performance when drafting or selecting for breeding,” he said. The advantage of having an electronic herd recording system, Jason said, was that all the animals breeding and performance details were available at the touch of a button. “PS Stockbook is an easy and effective way to communicate with the Shorthorn society especially for recording individual animal and performance data,” Jason said. “Once the data is entered it is as simple as generating a report and emailing it to the society.”

According to Kylie, Practical Systems provides accessible support, regular updates and, being a small rural company, can respond to the needs of their clients quickly. “The staff at Practical Systems have always been easily contactable, very patient and willing to help,” she said. “Any time we’ve found an issue with the program, Practical Systems have improved the software to accommodate changes we’ve recommended.”

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