Practical Systems March 2016 eNews

Let me introduce our March Newsletter

We continue the process of presenting our Bank Feed facility to you. It is quick, easy and does all the “heavy lifting” for you. 

During March I presented the Bank Feed feature to an accounting firm and they were pleased with our development. For Rabobank customers we still expect to offer this to you from June 2016.

We are currently developing a cloud hosted Cashbook that will give customers the option of having a “shared” data file, enabling customers to share data with people such as their accountants or business partners. In this system, only the data is stored on a computer server and accessed via the internet while the actual software program and all the processing remains on the local desktop or laptop computer.






This means that even customers with very poor internet speeds and capacity can still easily share their data. Work on their Cashbook file can continue even when the internet is not available. 

Our Where Are They Now?  feature reintroduces Ed Blackburn. As a business it is important to us that we are known for our commitment to regional communities. Ed is a fantastic success story where he is now making a substantial contribution to farmers around Coolah, and I am led to believe that he is also the mainstay for the Coolah Rugby team.

Thank you also to Ian and Ali McDouall for sharing their story with us.

Happy reading